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Motorcycle Hand Signals: Stay Safe on the Road

Spring is just about here in Illinois! And that means everyone will be getting out of the house more and enjoying the warm sun and fresh air! Especially our clients at Waterman-Neely Insurance that own motorcycles! We want everyone on the road to be and remain safe! And thanks to Foremost, one of the carriers that we work with, for making this very detailed infographic with hand signals we should all be aware of that motorcyclists use while riding.

Snowmobile Safety Tips

When you ride the trail, put safety first! Follow the snowmobile safety tips listed below. Know the law Check with the local DNR, law enforcement agencies, dealers and clubs to make sure you follow all the rules in the area…

Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

Winter weather can create various driving challeges. Cold temperatures make it difficult for engines to work properly, while snow limits tire traction and salt causes rust on exterior paint. That’s why it is important to protect your car during the…

Selecting Tires for Winter


In winter driving conditions, the chances of skidding or losing control of your vehicle increase. To stay safe on the road, it is important to select the right set of tires. Consider the following guidance when selecting tires: If you…

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