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January 2023 Recap

Is it just me or are the months just flying by?! Can not believe it is February already!

We started out in January with a meet the team post! This one was for our Client Service Rep Joan! Click the image to read about what life is like for Joan in Minnesota!

For Taco’s Tip Tuesday, we talked about how important it is to mental and physical health to get plenty of sunshine when you can! Because of course in Central Illinois this time of year, sunshine is hard to come by!

Speaking of Taco, everyone in the office always lights up when they see him! He loves to greet our wonderful Chatham IL mailman!!

We celebrated Camy passing her test and becoming a Personal Lines Coverage Specialist!!!

And then we celebrated Camy adopting her new dog Regan!!! He is SO FULL of energy!! Rightfully so at only 11 weeks old!

If you can’t tell, all of us here have a love for animals! Have you ever had your pet eat and swallow something they weren’t supposed to? I have! This is my (Kori) cat Evie. We adopted her a year and a half ago from the APL in Springfield, and when we did, we couldn’t take her home right away as she was in recovery from surgery because she had ate a Barbie toy! If you have ever thought about getting pet insurance I highly recommend it! Ingestion of foreign objects is covered! Click the image of my sweet fur baby to read more about the pet insurance coverage that we offer through Safeco!

Towards the end of the month I finally updated our website and socials with my Introduction/Meet The Team! I actually started here at the end of October, but have been so busy learning the ropes and getting all the socials and marketing tasks updated I hadn’t had a chance to post mine yet. I absolutely LOVE working here at Waterman-Neely Insurance! Everyone here is so easy going, fun, and very patient with the new girl! LOL! Not only my co-workers, but all of you that have called in over the last few months have been patient with me on the phone as I am learning! I think I’m starting to get it down a bit!

And finally the very end of the month! Did you watch the conference championship?! Very exciting games! Want to let us know who you think will win the Superbowl this year? Click the image to let us know on our Facebook!

If you aren’t following us on Facebook, be sure to do that and be on the look out for some funny and interesting videos from the Waterman-Neely Team!!

January Insurance Memes

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